Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas Orders

Hi everyone! Today is Nov 26th and the last day for me to take orders wanted by Christmas! I know that many of you are groaning about that... But here are my three best reasons...

1 - I have been so swamped this year and am looking forward to more than 3 hours of sleep per night...

2 - I want to enjoy the holidays with my family...

3 - And the number one reason is that... My children need a SANE mother! (And my sweet, supportive husband needs me back too!)

So anyone that has already contacted me will get there orders in the next week or so. I can take orders and hold them till the first of the year, or you can contact me in January.

Close after the first of the year I will post my new policies and ideas. Check back then and I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas! I know our family will!

Monday, September 1, 2008

So many ideas... not enough wall space!

I have started collecting pictures of custom projects I have done for my own home and others. If anyone out there would like to e-mail me something that I have created for their home, I would love to add it to this blog!

Monday, August 25, 2008

New ideas...

This month I had a booth at "Bear Lake Raspberry Days" this was my first craft fair ever. It was tons of work... but I sold quite a bit of stuff... met lots of new people... and all in all had a fun time... (Thanks Kim for being my craft/booth partner.) All of my extra stuff (and Kim's) is displayed in my basement. I am quickly filling up with Super Saturdays and other projects, and people are already stocking up for Christmas. Feel free to call, e-mail or make an appt. to stop by if you are interested in anything! I will be taking Christmas orders through Nov. 26th and then start again in January. (which seems like forever away... but will be here before we know it!)

Our booth...

Most all of my new stuff this year is on metal, and people have been loving it. I have a new metal source and have all of my "stand alone" metal edges folded over, giving it a finished and smooth edge. Two holes are drilled at the top for hanging with ribbon or on a metal rod (tied on with ribbon). I carry this metal in 8x8, ($4.50) 12x12 ($6.00), 12x24 ($9.00) and 18x18 ($9.00). All of the items on pages 2-4 of my brochure can be used on these sizes, as well as many other ideas.

This is a good example of the "metal rod hangers". I love these and think that they add a lot to these projects. This size is the larger rod and costs $6 - (those that fit a 12x12 board are $5).

This is the 2009 LDS YM/YW theme. I did so many "be steadfast and immovable" boards, tiles, and other projects that I thought it would be good to get this idea out early.

I have done tons of different FHE charts over the years. I like this one because it is compact (about 6" x 13"). It can fit on an easel or be easily put away when it is not being used. But I mainly love the fact that it is magnetic and is easy to switch around. My girls love making these magnets - it is done by cutting cute paper in a circle and gluing them to the back of "gems" then hot gluing a magnet to the back of that. The vinyl name is then placed over the top. The kit pricing of $11 includes the frame, metal, vinyl, 6 gems/magnets/family names - (you provide the paper and both types of glue, extra gems/magnets/names can be purchased for $.75 each).

This next picture is one of my favorite setups. This particular one is done on a different type of metal. More expensive, but great because things can be done on either side (smooth edges all around, and clean on both sides.) Perfect for an everyday project and a holiday on the other side. (also available in 12x12 size).

6x6 blocks

The above 4 pictures show my 6x6 block ideas. Finished these blocks are $9.50. As a kit the cost is $5.50 that includes everything except for the paint and brush. (wood, metal, vinyl and brads for securing metal.

The same ideas can also be used on a "folded" 8x8 piece of metal. Finished the price is $11 - the metal can be purchased separately for $4.50 and the vinyl $3.50 (this size vinyl would also fit glass blocks). If the ribbon is wanted add another $1 or use your own.

My 18x18 magnet boards were a hit at Raspberry Days... Kit pricing is $9.00 for the metal, $2 for the vinyl, and $2 for the ribbon (or you could pick your own.) The finished cost is $15 if hung with a ribbon and $21 with a metal rod hanger. These are perfect for anywhere in your house, who doesn't have a billion things to remember, or pictures to share! You can use magnets you already have or create fun ones like the flowers and gems pictured below.

Magnet board quote ideas.

I love shelf sitters, I think they are such fabulous little gifts and look great sitting anywhere with fun stuff behind it. Here are a few new ideas (see the brochure below for more). These are sold in a kit for $3.50 or finished for $7.50. (the size is 16" x 2".)

a couple new tile/metal ideas.

Monday, July 28, 2008

More stuff coming soon...

I am frantically getting ready for a big craft fair near us next week. After that I will be posting tons of new stuff... Fall, Winter ideas. Magnet boards and metal stuff. Check back for that and for more info regarding ideas for enrichment, youth or family groups.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lewiston Parade Home

I have been planning on doing a web page for my business for quite sometime... I figured I would start with a blog because I know how to do that! I just had my vinyl featured in the Parade of Homes (thanks Audrey - beautiful home!) This is what we came up with...