Saturday, September 25, 2010

Harvest and Winter Blocks...

Time for a couple of new ideas. ;)  Actually I can't take much credit for these HARVEST Blocks because I have seen similar ones around.  But they have been a big hit for individual orders and Church Groups this year.

As a kit... Wood/vinyl/paper is $14.

You provide the paint or stain/brush and mod podge.
The overall measurement is 26" by 8".

I came up with a Chrismas and Winter idea that can also be put on these blocks... in fact one of these sets could be used on the back of the HARVEST blocks for an additional $8 for the paper/vinyl.  Or make a new set for the $14 :)

(I think it is obvious, but these will be put on actual blocks... I just took a picture to show the paper/vinyl combos...  too many projects on my plate today! :))
My schedule is filling up fast, and Christmas is right around the corner.  I will be taking Christmas orders up until November 13th. And then start up again after the 1st of the year.

e-mail me @ to place an order or for any questions. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm still alive....

Wow!!  Obviously it has been a long time since I posted here!!  Just letting you know that I am still alive and loving having all my girls home for the summer!! 

Things have picked up of course...  But I sure did love being slower for a while to play with my little angel baby.  I have been back doing vinyl for a few months now, but I will say here that I am not ALWAYS as fast as I used to be.  I tell people a week for their orders to be done (+ shipping time if you aren't close)... and sometimes I am faster... but sometimes I am slower. :) 

Here are some new policies that will hopefully help me in my busy life.

I have decided to start charging a $10 rush fee for those people who need something really fast. (less than 3 days)

Also a $10 minimum order on anything custom.

A $10 setup fee for logos.  If they aren't already in the right format.

And I am not doing any more finished projects for people if they have to be painted... I will put it on metal/tile/glass/plates/etc.  But no more painting!!  I know that sounds funny but I am REALLY burnt out on painting!

For most of you those changes won't affect you...  and if they do... thanks for understanding... :)

My plans was to have lots of new ideas by now...  and I do have some... only they're just in my head...  :)

So mainly I've been doing custom stuff for people that they came up with.  And if I did something for you... I would love, love, love pictures of stuff you have finished.  Then I would have something fun to post... not just blah blah blah!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

One of my greatest projects...

Our family had a wonderful Christmas and hope you did as well!
Our Greatest gift came on December 29th in the form of a 5th little girl for our family...

Lydia Isabelle
7 lbs 4 oz

What a wonderful way to start the new year!!

Could she be any cuter???

Our photographer was FABULOUS!! Check out her blog @ Simply Be Photo or her website . Make sure to mention I sent you. :)

I'll be taking the month off to snuggle with this little one... but will be back taking orders in February again.  Maybe by then I'll come up with something else creative...