Sunday, November 8, 2009

Big Blowout Sale!!

Saturday (Nov. 14th) will be my last day for taking custom vinyl orders this year... So if anyone needs anything done before February let me know. :) It's hard for me to say no to people... but then I HAVE to stop sometime to enjoy the Christmas Season with my family and this is NO JOKE I get calls EVERY year on CHRISTMAS EVE from people wanting me to help them with last minute stuff. I will continue to have finished items and some kits available throughout the season though. Just call or e-mail for a time to stop by.

But... this week I am ready to clear some of my finished stuff out... so...

Friday Nov 13th
from 4-8 PM


Saturday Nov 14th
from 1-4 PM

will be a big "blowout" sale @ my house. (e-mail me or leave a comment if you don't know my address.) All finished products will be 20% off... plus I will cover tax those two days. Some things will be marked down even more. I will also have odds and ends of extra vinyl that I already have cut for great prices.

Bring yourself, friends, neighbors, random people off the street, etc. A fantastic way to check lots of names off your Christmas list!!

I have a huge selection of finished items... and with this discount many finished products are cheaper than if ordered in a kit... So don't miss out on this two day only sale!!  (Sorry but custom orders will still be regular price.)

Help me out by spreading the word!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ideas using the 2010 YW Theme...

It's that time of year when lots of people are looking for ideas for YW Christmas/New Beginnings gifts.  So... I have come up with a few using the "2010 Theme" in different price ranges.  This first one is done on a 6" square block with a metal piece attached.  As a kit it will be $5.50 each (wood, metal, tacks and vinyl included.)  I can always do part of it if you have access to your own wood or metal.

The vinyl on a 4x4 tile would be a little cheaper for you...  The vinyl itself is $1.50 each and you can get your own tiles for about $.50 at Home Depot or Lowe's, ribbon could be added for hanging, or set it on an easel.  Vinyl for a 6x6 tile would be $2.

This is done on a 16" x 2" piece of wood.  As a kit I sell them for $3.50 (wood/vinyl).

I have already done lots similar to this for display in YW's rooms or from Stake leaders to the Wards.  The vinyl is $5 and could be put on metal as shown (Kit price $12) or a 12x12 tile.

I ordered in the new "chalkboard vinyl" I had been hearing about.  A little more expensive than regular vinyl but I am surprised at well it works.  I don't know that I would "cut it"... but maybe someone has a fun idea for that... more in a sheet seems to work better.  It seems better than "chalkboard paint" because it doesn't have ridges from the paint brush.  It wipes off fairly well, and then a wet paper towel helps to clean it up great.  I added a few vinyl sayings for grocery lists, things to do, messages etc.  I must admit I had way more on it... but I cleaned it off for the picture because my list of the things to do was pretty daunting... and I'm trying to pretend like I'm organized. :)  (Oh, and I took it pretty close to the ground... because my little 3 year old LOVES to color on it too.)

We tried some in our daughter's room as well...  she likes playing "school" on it.

I also ordered some of the "iron-on vinyl"... haven't tried it out yet.  But I'm planning on making some cute onesies for my little one coming soon.

Speaking of little ones I had to post a few pictures of Becky's baby boy's room (hope she doesn't mind.)  I had never thought of doing stripes but look how awesome they turned out.  It took some time and a good level to get them all straight... but they were happy with the results.

Another reminder that I am not taking orders after Nov. 14th...  That is less than 3 weeks away so get your orders in quick.  I should be up and going by February again.  Gotta admit... I love doing vinyl but I am looking forward to a break... and a sweet new baby to snuggle!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Advent Calendar...

Thought I would post these cute Advent Calendar ideas. Both are done on 12x12 metal. As a kit they will be $13.50 and finished will be $17. I think they both turned out darling... This past week our family... well mainly ME... (with help on the heavy lifting from my good hubby) have been playing "room switcheroo" in preparation for our new little girl coming in a few months. My 6-year old moved upstairs and I am completely happy with the finished project...

She LOVES the little forest friends around the room!'s now time to finish up my 3-year olds' "swap". Of course my older girls thought about trading straight across for the room above... but decided the larger closets in their rooms couldn't be given up!!
Also... I still have room for one possibly two Enrichments... and don't forget that I will only be taking Christmas orders through Nov. 14th and then start back up again in Feb. :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fall Ideas...

It's been a while since I have posted new stuff... but today is the day. The kit price for the following 3 pics. is $12 - (you supply the scrapbook paper, modge- podge, paint and glue.) Less if you want to do your own ribbons... wood letters etc.

I love plates and think that this fall one turned out darling. The vinyl for this is $3.50. (This plate center is about 7" square.) Vinyl will be more or less depending n the size.
Like to fit this 5.5" square tile the vinyl is $2.50.
Lots of people have asked me about calendars... so I tried some. I like the metal idea... Then you can magnet notes and stuff at the bottom. This may work for lots of people... and maybe I just have too much stuff going on in my life... but I tried writing with a dry erase marker and can't fit in all in those squares... (they are about 2" by 2.3" my machine can't make the whole grid any bigger than this though without splicing it in two.)
My girls are WAY excited to have these in their rooms though :) I think they will work great for them and their individual activities... just not for the activities for our WHOLE family.
The glass one seems to work a little better because the vinyl is on the back and you can wipe off the whole board without being worried about the vinyl getting messed up. The vinyl to do this size or the size above is $8.00 (This is a 14" x 18" frame and the metal is 18 x 18.)
This plate is from Walmart.. and all though I have used these plate word ideas other years I thought this was a fun new way to display it.
A cute Santa plate idea. Again this plate is from Walmart and the vinyl is $6.00.
Another sheet of 12x12 tile ideas. $5 to fit that size. (Can also be used on 8x8 glass blocks or tiles. $4)

Not really new but I am still loving the holiday door sayings...

I just took that one down and put up this one... even though Summer is sadly almost over.... boohoo :(.
So there you have it... That is as much new stuff as I am putting out there this year... but feel free to look at all the other stuff. (Scroll all the way to the bottom for my "brochure" of ideas.)
*******This year is going to be a little different for me... I need to slow down a bit. I am expected my 5th baby at "the end of the year." So I am going to cut back. I will be doing lots less "Enrichment Groups". In fact I will only be taking about 5 more... so call SOON if you want to be on that list. :) I will also stop taking orders for Christmas on November 14th. And then start up again the middle of Feb. So get your orders in early!! And enjoy the last few days of summer... it's coming to close all too soon for me!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Giveaway Winner...

Just letting you know that a winner was drawn (by my cute 5 year old), I'm sure all 10 of you (I can't believe even with a bribe that was all I got!) have been holding your breath to find out... So if you haven't been contacted, you can start the tears now! J/K Happy Spring Everyone!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More custom stuff...

Time to add a few more ideas to be entered in my vinyl giveaway. (I will draw on Friday... so e-mail me custom stuff I have done for you by then if you want to be entered.) First off... I have to say that when I began this blog I did so with mixed feelings. On one hand I was using tons of ink to print out my catalog for people. But on the other hand my ideas... were for the most part MY IDEAS... meaning I didn't see other people doing the exact same things... because it was hard for people to copy stuff without a website. I liked that! I try very hard to come up with new and different things that "fit the trend", but aren't what you see everywhere else. I won't say that I haven't ever got an idea from someone else... but I ALWAYS try to change it some or I would not put it on here as my own work. That being said I am AMAZED at how many people download my stuff. On the last post I had over 200 downloads... and not one order from what I had posted. (And BTW... I know who some of you are!) So I am asking... as would any other designer to please not download my ideas for your own personal vinyl making... if you order from me... download all you like... there I've said it!
OK back to the nice me :)!
Kandyse has been ordering stuff from me for a long time, so I was excited that she sent me these fun pictures...

This is Reggie's daughter's room... How blasted cute is that!!! I will put a little disclaimer here and say that 2 year olds think it is extra fun to peel vinyl OFF the wall as well... Reggie knows that, as she has ordered "replacement" dots several times... kids.... gotta love em'!

I did this vinyl for a cute girl at Sky View High School a few years ago. Still not sure why it was her job, but she came up with meaningful sayings and it turned out great. (Thanks Raquel for the pictures.)

"Team room" quotes.
I stole these off of Dianne's blog... (she said I could like 6 months ago I just never did it :)) I'm focusing on the saying here... because these polka dots are not vinyl.... they match the shower curtain in this bathroom perfect and she PAINTED them. I call that going the extra mile... I prefer the lazy way myself! But when you are looking for exact colors this works too!
Everyone needs a Laundry Room "disclaimer".
OK, well there you have it. Keep your ideas coming...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm back... I said I was back 2 months ago... but now I am really back. I've crawled out of my winter cave and am loving this spring weather! I am amazed at how sunshine can lift the spirits!

I have been doing so many custom things lately, and want to see pictures of the finished products... so.... I have decided to do a little GIVEAWAY... Everyone likes free stuff right? So e-mail me pictures of projects that I have done for you.... I will post them on this blog and then draw a lucky person to receive $20 in vinyl of your choice.
(if you have a picture on this blog of your stuff all ready... I will of course include you as well!)
Here are a few new things that I have taken pics of....
This "Dance Room" was our girls Christmas Present. What 4 girls wouldn't want a room like this for dancing and Karaoking... Plus I their mother loves having friends over in the morning to exercise. Actually I love the friends more than the exercising... but at least I do it!
Spring stuff...

My daughter's motto!
Monthly door sayings...

A darling framed "scrapbook paper" with vinyl. This was the most perfect saying for a friend who finally had their dreams come true through adoption.

A perfect Easter thought.

Pictures from my friend Kim of her daughters "sports room". I think that the black and white was such a darling idea. Although I was surprised when she said she was painting it BLACK!

You can't see this great... It is in hot pink and it says... Girls do it better... (and look 100% better doing it.)
My friend DeeAnn's daughters room. DARLING Polka dots have been a hit lately... I should get lots more similar to this!

A fun way to record your children's height forever. This was for Keri's daughter. A perfect idea for displaying pictures, and the hooks at the bottom will be used for the medals!

I look forward to seeing what you have come up with!