Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ideas using the 2010 YW Theme...

It's that time of year when lots of people are looking for ideas for YW Christmas/New Beginnings gifts.  So... I have come up with a few using the "2010 Theme" in different price ranges.  This first one is done on a 6" square block with a metal piece attached.  As a kit it will be $5.50 each (wood, metal, tacks and vinyl included.)  I can always do part of it if you have access to your own wood or metal.

The vinyl on a 4x4 tile would be a little cheaper for you...  The vinyl itself is $1.50 each and you can get your own tiles for about $.50 at Home Depot or Lowe's, ribbon could be added for hanging, or set it on an easel.  Vinyl for a 6x6 tile would be $2.

This is done on a 16" x 2" piece of wood.  As a kit I sell them for $3.50 (wood/vinyl).

I have already done lots similar to this for display in YW's rooms or from Stake leaders to the Wards.  The vinyl is $5 and could be put on metal as shown (Kit price $12) or a 12x12 tile.

I ordered in the new "chalkboard vinyl" I had been hearing about.  A little more expensive than regular vinyl but I am surprised at well it works.  I don't know that I would "cut it"... but maybe someone has a fun idea for that... more in a sheet seems to work better.  It seems better than "chalkboard paint" because it doesn't have ridges from the paint brush.  It wipes off fairly well, and then a wet paper towel helps to clean it up great.  I added a few vinyl sayings for grocery lists, things to do, messages etc.  I must admit I had way more on it... but I cleaned it off for the picture because my list of the things to do was pretty daunting... and I'm trying to pretend like I'm organized. :)  (Oh, and I took it pretty close to the ground... because my little 3 year old LOVES to color on it too.)

We tried some in our daughter's room as well...  she likes playing "school" on it.

I also ordered some of the "iron-on vinyl"... haven't tried it out yet.  But I'm planning on making some cute onesies for my little one coming soon.

Speaking of little ones I had to post a few pictures of Becky's baby boy's room (hope she doesn't mind.)  I had never thought of doing stripes but look how awesome they turned out.  It took some time and a good level to get them all straight... but they were happy with the results.

Another reminder that I am not taking orders after Nov. 14th...  That is less than 3 weeks away so get your orders in quick.  I should be up and going by February again.  Gotta admit... I love doing vinyl but I am looking forward to a break... and a sweet new baby to snuggle!