Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Giveaway Winner...

Just letting you know that a winner was drawn (by my cute 5 year old), I'm sure all 10 of you (I can't believe even with a bribe that was all I got!) have been holding your breath to find out... So if you haven't been contacted, you can start the tears now! J/K Happy Spring Everyone!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More custom stuff...

Time to add a few more ideas to be entered in my vinyl giveaway. (I will draw on Friday... so e-mail me custom stuff I have done for you by then if you want to be entered.) First off... I have to say that when I began this blog I did so with mixed feelings. On one hand I was using tons of ink to print out my catalog for people. But on the other hand my ideas... were for the most part MY IDEAS... meaning I didn't see other people doing the exact same things... because it was hard for people to copy stuff without a website. I liked that! I try very hard to come up with new and different things that "fit the trend", but aren't what you see everywhere else. I won't say that I haven't ever got an idea from someone else... but I ALWAYS try to change it some or I would not put it on here as my own work. That being said I am AMAZED at how many people download my stuff. On the last post I had over 200 downloads... and not one order from what I had posted. (And BTW... I know who some of you are!) So I am asking... as would any other designer to please not download my ideas for your own personal vinyl making... if you order from me... download all you like... there I've said it!
OK back to the nice me :)!
Kandyse has been ordering stuff from me for a long time, so I was excited that she sent me these fun pictures...

This is Reggie's daughter's room... How blasted cute is that!!! I will put a little disclaimer here and say that 2 year olds think it is extra fun to peel vinyl OFF the wall as well... Reggie knows that, as she has ordered "replacement" dots several times... kids.... gotta love em'!

I did this vinyl for a cute girl at Sky View High School a few years ago. Still not sure why it was her job, but she came up with meaningful sayings and it turned out great. (Thanks Raquel for the pictures.)

"Team room" quotes.
I stole these off of Dianne's blog... (she said I could like 6 months ago I just never did it :)) I'm focusing on the saying here... because these polka dots are not vinyl.... they match the shower curtain in this bathroom perfect and she PAINTED them. I call that going the extra mile... I prefer the lazy way myself! But when you are looking for exact colors this works too!
Everyone needs a Laundry Room "disclaimer".
OK, well there you have it. Keep your ideas coming...