Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm back... I said I was back 2 months ago... but now I am really back. I've crawled out of my winter cave and am loving this spring weather! I am amazed at how sunshine can lift the spirits!

I have been doing so many custom things lately, and want to see pictures of the finished products... so.... I have decided to do a little GIVEAWAY... Everyone likes free stuff right? So e-mail me pictures of projects that I have done for you.... I will post them on this blog and then draw a lucky person to receive $20 in vinyl of your choice.
(if you have a picture on this blog of your stuff all ready... I will of course include you as well!)
Here are a few new things that I have taken pics of....
This "Dance Room" was our girls Christmas Present. What 4 girls wouldn't want a room like this for dancing and Karaoking... Plus I their mother loves having friends over in the morning to exercise. Actually I love the friends more than the exercising... but at least I do it!
Spring stuff...

My daughter's motto!
Monthly door sayings...

A darling framed "scrapbook paper" with vinyl. This was the most perfect saying for a friend who finally had their dreams come true through adoption.

A perfect Easter thought.

Pictures from my friend Kim of her daughters "sports room". I think that the black and white was such a darling idea. Although I was surprised when she said she was painting it BLACK!

You can't see this great... It is in hot pink and it says... Girls do it better... (and look 100% better doing it.)
My friend DeeAnn's daughters room. DARLING Polka dots have been a hit lately... I should get lots more similar to this!

A fun way to record your children's height forever. This was for Keri's daughter. A perfect idea for displaying pictures, and the hooks at the bottom will be used for the medals!

I look forward to seeing what you have come up with!