Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm still alive....

Wow!!  Obviously it has been a long time since I posted here!!  Just letting you know that I am still alive and loving having all my girls home for the summer!! 

Things have picked up of course...  But I sure did love being slower for a while to play with my little angel baby.  I have been back doing vinyl for a few months now, but I will say here that I am not ALWAYS as fast as I used to be.  I tell people a week for their orders to be done (+ shipping time if you aren't close)... and sometimes I am faster... but sometimes I am slower. :) 

Here are some new policies that will hopefully help me in my busy life.

I have decided to start charging a $10 rush fee for those people who need something really fast. (less than 3 days)

Also a $10 minimum order on anything custom.

A $10 setup fee for logos.  If they aren't already in the right format.

And I am not doing any more finished projects for people if they have to be painted... I will put it on metal/tile/glass/plates/etc.  But no more painting!!  I know that sounds funny but I am REALLY burnt out on painting!

For most of you those changes won't affect you...  and if they do... thanks for understanding... :)

My plans was to have lots of new ideas by now...  and I do have some... only they're just in my head...  :)

So mainly I've been doing custom stuff for people that they came up with.  And if I did something for you... I would love, love, love pictures of stuff you have finished.  Then I would have something fun to post... not just blah blah blah!!

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